Say No Successfully Plus Business Spotlight


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What: Say No Successfully Plus Business Spotlight
When: Thursday 26th September 2019 10am-11.30am
Where: Fired Frog Pottery Cafe, 3 Hermitage Road, St Johns, Woking, Surrey, GU21 8TE
Cost: £8
Each attendee will be given 3-5 minutes dependant on numbers to talk about their business.
Louise Hoffmann Brooks of Parenting Success Coaching will give a short talk on Saying No Successfully :
Saying no – and communicating our boundaries is an inescapable part of life. For many of us – this becomes even more evident when we become parents and in our role as entrepreneurs.  We soon come to see that there is more to saying no than merely uttering this two-letter word. 
Recognise yourself in any of these statements?
– I feel that my no is rarely respected
– I often feel guilty when I’ve said no to someone – so I end up saying yes when I actually mean no.
– Saying no is not a problem for me – it’s the aftermath – the reaction – that I can’t handle. 
– I’m not really sure HOW I can say no in a respectful way without losing authority. I tend to only be heard if I get shouty or angry.  
If so.. you are not alone!
But it can all be learnt. 
In this talk I will share with you the  
– The steps to a ‘good no’ – said in a way that make children want to listen without having to take away TV rights for a week!
– Strategies for putting a stop to the endless negotiations that often follow a no. 
– And what to do when your child / co-worker / friend has a reaction to your no.
Giving an honest no – is much kinder than suddenly exploding due to bottled up frustrations. Communicating more honestly not only makes you safer and better company – but the more you flex this muscle the more you will experience a greater sense of self-respect and being in charge of your own life.