Saying No Successfully


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A 30 minute talk by Louise Hoffmann-Brooks from Parenting Success Coaching followed by an open Q&A session. With all this time together at the moment, this shall be more valuable than ever…
Saying no – and communicating our boundaries is an inescapable part of life. For many of us – this becomes even more evident when we become parents. We soon come to see that there is more to saying no than merely uttering this two-letter word. Recognise yourself in any of these statements? – I feel that my no is rarely respected – I often feel guilty when I’ve said no to someone – so I end up saying yes when I actually mean no. – Saying no is not a problem for me – it’s the aftermath – the reaction – that I can’t handle. – I’m not really sure HOW I can say no in a respectful way without losing authority. I tend to only be heard if I get shouty or angry. If so.. you are not alone! But it can all be learnt. In this talk I will share with you the – The steps to a ‘good no’ – said in a way that make children want to listen without having to take away TV rights for a week! – Strategies for putting a stop to the endless negotiations that often follow a no. – And what to do when your child / co-worker / friend has a reaction to your no. Giving an honest no – is much kinder than suddenly exploding due to bottled up frustrations. Communicating more honestly not only makes you safer and better company – but the more you flex this muscle the more you will experience a greater sense of self-respect and being in charge of your own life.