The benefits of dance

As a dance teacher, of course I’m going to want every child to be attending a dance class, but what’s the benefit beside being to throw out some cool moves at a party? Ive summarised just a few here.

1 – Improved Physical Health 

Dancing uses the whole body at any time, in doing some it improves the strength and flexibility of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints etc meaning it is less likely for injuries to occur. It also improves their range of motion and their stamina, meaning they can dance for longer before coming tired or worn out. 

2 – Enhanced emotional development.

Have you ever seen someone sad when they dance? Hypothetical question I know, I’ve danced when I’m sad but I’ve done it as a way of expressing my emotions. It’s not uncommon for kids to find it hard sometimes to express themselves but they can usually find a way of doing it through dance as the release of dopamine (happy hormone) allows a release or block on what they can be trying to convey.

3 – Encourages social skills 

Due to the nature of dance being so expressive, kids can find it easier to communicate with one another, especially if working in small groups. They may find it hard to speak, however, they can usually demonstrate through dance which then transfers to other social occasions allowing them to develop their way of communicating 

4 – Encourages Creativity 

By its very nature, dance is a creative subject. There is no right or wrong and regardless of what style your child is learning they will be coming up with new ideas and possibilities for ways to move or piece dance moves together to create new and exciting dances, this then links back to the physical health as it will be teaching the brain new movement patterns and possibilities further improving their range of movement etc.5 – Attending dance classes teaches kids to be organised, disciplined and focused. As they get older they learn to balance school, extracurricular activities, social life etc. The dedication, discipline and focus that they learn from dance, helps them with this and will also help them as they enter the world of work when balancing everything can be very challenging.

By Charlotte Cooper of CDP Dance UK

Twitter – CDPDanceUK

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