Liz works by day for the NHS as a Programme Manager and also has a self employed business, Chesil Infinity, offering coaching and mentoring support from a holistic, well being perspective.  The name coming from the well known Dorset beach and the concept of learning and growing being infinite and always in our gift!  With three children, two boys (15 and 11) and a girl (9) plus two dogs, self employed husband and being a self confessed fitness junkie, every day is a busy day! 
Liz has always worked with families, whether parenting support, mental health awareness and training, events, counselling & coaching or just bringing some high energy ideas to your life, being part of the Family Network is important to Liz as it brings together all of her interests.  Having worked for a few large national children’s charities in the past, both operationally and as part of business development, this lady can help you across the board and brings a layer of fun (and crazy) to the mix too.