Back to where it all began. As a kid I grew up in Tile Hill North in Coventry and then moved up to Scotland. I was an English boy living in Scotland when England won the World Cup in 1966, so as you can imagine that was an interesting time for me!

My career has been varied and interesting and in the main I’ve always been self employed and have worked for myself on various family businesses, which include a music shop, a fruit and veg store, a telecommunications company, a telemarketing company and now I’m in the insurance market. I like to think I have a whole rangeof business skills and I’m always happy to share the benefit of my experiences in business.

Taking over The Family Network Coventry Branch is an absolute dream. I love meeting new people and helping out where I can. 

I’m married to Hilary(Dill)and in 2019 we celebrated 43 years of marriage.I live in Rugby with my wife and son, Dean.

Looking forward to engaging with you all online and in person.