Hello! I am Liz and I am the branch leader for Lincoln. 

I am a newbie to the Family Network, but have followed their story for a few years. I was nominated for business mum of the year back in 2017 for my own business, and for charity of the year in 2019 with my voluntary work and was lucky enough to win in 2019!

I am a mummy of two and previously was a children’s nurse and then Health Visitor in the NHS for over 20yrs! But due to many personal challenges I decided it was time to take on the challenge of running my own business. I have successfully done so for three years and it’s still growing! “Precious moments” has enabled me to develop many skills that I have already passed on to and supported others with to help grow their business. 

I also volunteer for Lincoln PANDAS (who are the family networks first ever charity of the year!) supporting mums and dad with perinatal mental health issues after my own lived experience as well as my precious knowledge and experience in the NHS. 

My passion is and always has been to support others and see them thrive and I love to see people succeed! I would love to help more people become branch leaders in this area so that we can collaborate and support each other! 

Our network in Lincoln is a very strong one with some incredible knowledge and skills for you to tap in to and we are extremely family friendly. I can’t wait to see you there!

Online Awards Workshop

Monday the 21st October 2019 7pm for approx 1 hour

Ran by Victoria (Co-Direct0r)

Live version – can be downloaded afterwards

Awards are a vital part to marketing your business, Having the words Award Nominee, or Award Winner on your website, social media platforms will immediately put your business a head of others. But we, as people are really bad at nominating ourselves, yet we are the best people to do it as only WE know our own story.

In this workshop I will cover What Awards to look for, what to avoid, how to fill in a nomination form to give yourself the best opportunity to be noticed by judges, how to get the most out of an Award nomination.

£8 book below