Hi, my name is Gill Cleeve. You know the saying “If You Want Something Done, ask a Busy Person To Do It”. I’m one of those busy people, but to tell you the truth I wouldn’t change it. I am a proud British-Canadian and live in Stratford Upon Avon with my beautiful daughter, Danielle and my amazing husband, Giles. I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support I get from them both. In addition to being the Stratford Upon Avon branch leader of  The Family Network, I am also a first aid instructor for my business Brookvale First Aid, a Girl Guide and Rainbow Leader and a committee member for Friends of Playbox and Stratford Musical Theatre Company. My list goes on, but I won’t bore you with the details. My background consists of a degree in Business Studies and Psychology, which I earned from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, a Level 4 in Education and Teaching and a First Aid Instructor qualification. I have also trained as a reserve medic in the Canadian Army and been a Community First Responder for a scheme I help set up in Stratford. I have worked with children, First Aid, business and theatre for a good part of my life, I’m just not saying how long my life has been. Since starting Brookvale First Aid, I have joined and attended several networking groups and events. They have all been beneficial, but what I love about Networking Mummies is the friendliness and support it offers, in addition to the valuable Networking opportunities. I’m really looking forward to getting to know as many members of the branch as possible and hope that together we can support and help each other on our business journeys.