Kelly is a Mum to a now pretty much grown-up daughter and has had a diverse career.  Starting her work life with a “big job” working in financial services in the City, she decided that the long hours, commuting and restraints of corporate life were no longer for her.

So, Kelly decided to start her own business with a friend which grew super quickly.  The business partnership ended, but Kelly decided to use all of the skills that she had learned to work for a wonderful small business and support women who wanted to start a business of their own.  This rewarding job, was absolutely brilliant. 

Having started a business from the ground up and supporting lots of other women doing the same, Kelly knows exactly how hard running a business can be.

Kelly now specialises in business support which includes virtual assistant services, website development, branding and marketing.

With a huge amount of love and understanding for others who also run their business, Kelly is extremely passionate about the importance of supporting businesses and bringing them together in a safe and welcoming environment.