Mandy is mum to 3 grown-up sons. A career has been mainly in paediatric nursing and a fair few volunteer roles.
Crafts has always been a part of her life from knitting to crochet and sewing, helped and encouraged by her Grandma from a very early age.
So when Covid hit her in the very early days of the pandemic and left her with some Major Long Covid symptoms it was automatic that she Tentercroft in to pass the time! Initially selling home-made moss from the outside her front door and running a small but mighty scrub, she grew to having a regular stall on the market two days a week. Initially  selling Mosaly, a product face group as lockdown eased and non-essential items could be sold again. Today she runs a pop-up shop that’s open five or six days a week in a large shopping centre.
Mandy is very aware that her success is very much due to a legacy left to her by her beloved mother and the network of other sellers, crafters, friends and business owners who supported her along her journey.
It is this help and support that Mandy hopes to pass forward as a group leader, feeling with this needs to be given in a supportive and welcoming environment and feeling that the Family Network ethos facilitates this. She is very excited to become West Sussex group leader.